Concert Music


spiral Symphonic and Choral spiral

Shell Shaker, opera
Commissioned by Oklahoma City University -
Premieres 2015

Woodland Tales, ballet score
Commissioned by the Oklahoma City Ballet -
Premieres 2014

Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra
Commissioned by Ted Soluri, Principal Bassoon of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra -
Premieres 2013

Oohiya Olowan (Victory Songs) for Baritone Solo and Orchestra
Commissioned by the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra - Premieres January, 2013

Visions of a Child (A Pueblo Lullaby) for a capella mixed chorus
Commissioned by the Santa Fe Desert Chorale in honor of New Mexico's centennial -
Premieres July 28, 2012

Taloowa' Chipota (Children's Songs) for Youth Choir, Piano and Cello
Commissioned by the American Composers Forum ChoralQuest Program -
Premiered November 21, 2009

Lowak Shoppala' (Fire and Light) for Orchestra and Children's Chorus
Commissioned by the American Composers Forum and produced by the Chickasaw Nation -
Premiered November 21, 2009

Shakamaxon for String Orchestra
Commissioned by the Philadelpiha Classical Symphony - Premiered May 9, 2008

Nitoshi' Imali, Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra
Commissioned by the American Composers Forum/Joyce Foundation - Premiered October 27, 2007

Iholba' (The Vision) for Solo Flute, Orchestra and Chorus
Commissioned by the National Symphony Orchestra - Premiered September 21, 2005

Worth of the Soul for Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Chorus and Narrator
Commissioned by Dr. Matthew Inkster/Mercyhurst College - Premiered May 14, 2004

Tracing Mississippi, Concerto for Flute and Orchestra
Commissioned by Christine Bailey, Principal Flute of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra - Premiered
February 18, 2002

Itti' Bo'li for Chorus and Piano
Commissioned by The Dale Warland Singers - Premiered June 3, 1997

Diva Ojibway, Operetta Score
Commissioned and produced by Native Earth Performing Arts - Premiered April, 1994

Iyaaknasha' for Double Bass and Orchestra
Commissioned by James VanDemark, double bass faculty, Eastman School of Music - Premiered July 21, 1993

Winter Moons, Ballet Score
Commissioned by Dr. Patricia Tate/University of Wyoming - Premiered February 18, 1992

Spirit Chief Names the Animal People for Orchestra and Narrator
Commissioned by Dr. Patricia Tate/University of Wyoming - Premiered February 18, 1992

Untitled, Concerto for Solo Percussionist and Wind Ensemble


spiral Chamber spiral

À Bec Quintet for Flute, American Indian Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon and Bass Clarinet
Commissioned by R. Carlos Nakai - Premieres August 20, 2009

Taloa' Hiloha (Thunder Song) for Solo Timpani
Premiered May 7, 1997

Dream World for Woodwinds, Percussion and Narrator
Commissioned by the New Jersey Chamber Music Society - Premiered February 5, 1997

Inchokkillissa for Guitar and Percussion
Premiered April 24, 1994

Oktibihah for Solo Timpani, Strings and Piano
Premiered 1994

Fall 500 for Flute, Violoncello and Percussion
Premiered November 11, 2007


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