“...utterly spellbinding…”
San Francisco Classical Music Examiner

“…a new musical stream unsullied by Hollywood and tourist stereotypes.”
New York Times

“Tate’s connection to nature and the human experience was quite apparent
in this piece…rarer still is his ability to effectively infuse classical music with American Indian nationalism.”
Washington Post

"...profoundly meditative and exquisitely restrained. Much of it has the feel of classical settings of the Latin mass, but it is distinctly aboriginal in tone...the lines could stand as a statement of will by an artist supremely confident of his intent...the whole orchestra sounds at times to be riding a bolt of lightning."
Longmont Times-Call

“Tate has an uncanny ability to synthesize his nationalistic ideas into his musical language…he has clearly taken the Western musical tradition and found a compelling voice that integrates his native culture.”

“His ear for colors produced vivid tonal images…the whole work is
extraordinarily evocative…”
Classical New Jersey

“His music borrows from both traditions but is in debt to neither. Both traditions are richer for his efforts, and so are his listeners.”
Billings Gazette

"Tate has tilled fertile inspirational ground here and shown that he knows to harvest his ideas when they flower."
The New Mexican

“…tinged with sadness and noble drama…delicate and poignant writing…the orchestra paints a vast landscape of sonorities and ethereal textures.”
Cleveland Plain Dealer

“…an original voice…Let’s hear more.”
Denver Rocky Mountain News

"The music is quite virtuosic, dynamic and trance-like. It's quite a trip for the listener.”
Edwin Outwater, Conductor

“Tate showed a keen sense of sound…”
Albuquerque Journal

“…evocative and skillfully written…”
Strings Magazine

“…rhythmic, forceful and entertaining.”
Laramie Daily Boomerang

“…effectively evokes the timeless lives of a people who inhabited this region for 15,000 years before the first European settlers crossed the Atlantic.
Broad Street Review


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